Journal of the Endocrine Society
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SAT-251 New Diagnosis of Acromegaly with DKA as Initial Presentation
DOI 10.1210/jendso/bvaa046.1077, Volume: 4, Issue: Suppl 1,




Background: While diabetes mellitus from growth hormone related insulin resistance is not uncommon in GH secreting tumors, initial presentation with diabetic ketoacidosis is rare.

Clinical Case: 31 YO male with no significant past medical history presented with c/o fatigue, 40 lb weight loss, polyuria, polydipsia. Clinical features of acromegaly with frontal bossing, protruding jaw, large hands and feet, thick spade like fingers, hammer toes, high arches and thickened fat pads on both feet were noted. Initial labs were consistent with DKA with anion of 31 mmol/L (0-20), blood glucose 241 mg/dl, bicarb 12 mmol/L (22-29), serum betahydroxy butyrate > 8 mmol/L (0-0.29), urine positive for glucose, ketones, protein. Patient was initially treated with IV insulin per DKA protocol, transitioned to subcutaneous insulin.

MRI brain showed 2.1x1.3x2.1 cm pituitary macro adenoma. Labs showed elevated IGF1 LC/MS, S 1094 ng/ml (54-310), IGFBP3 14 mcg/ml (3.5-7), Z score IGF MS Mayo > 3 (-2 to +2), normal FSH 7.1 m unit/ml (1.5-12.4), normal LH 3.4 m unit/ml (1.7-8.6), normal prolactin 6 ng/ml (4-15), normal ACTH 10 pg/ml, cortisol 13.4 mcg/dl, low total testosterone 48.2 ng/dl (193-836), normal free testosterone 7.92 ng/dl (4.85-19), normal TSH 1.55 mc unit/ml (0.27-4.2) and free T4 1.17 ng/dl (0.93-1.7). The patient was discharged home on 120+ units of total daily dose of insulin, after initial hospital admission.

He underwent trans sphenoidal resection of pituitary macro adenoma one month after his initial presentation. Surgical pathology confirmed growth hormone producing adenoma. He was successfully weaned off from insulin in one month following surgery.

Conclusion: DKA is an unusual initial presentation of growth hormone producing tumors. As more cases are being reported it is important to be vigilant to look for DKA presentation in these patients and adjust/wean patients insulin once the growth hormone producing tumor is treated either with surgery or medications.

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