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Smallholder dairy farming contributes to household resilience, food, and nutrition security besides income in rural households
Liveness Jessica Banda, Daniel Chiumia, Timothy Nthaziyake Gondwe, Sera Rose Gondwe
Waterscapes domestication: an alternative approach for interactions among humans, animals, and aquatic environments in Amazonia across time
Gabriela Prestes-Carneiro, Roberta Sá Leitão Barboza, Myrian Sá Leitão Barboza, Claide de Paula Moraes, Philippe Béarez
Horse meat production in northern Spain: ecosystem services and sustainability in High Nature Value farmland
Kizkitza Insausti, Lorea R Beldarrain, Mª Paz Lavín, Noelia Aldai, Ángel R Mantecón, José L Sáez, Rosa Ma Canals
Animal domestication: from distant past to current development and issues
Thomas Cucchi, Benjamin Arbuckle
Management and domestication of cattle (Bos taurus) in Neolithic Southwest Asia
Benjamin S Arbuckle, Theo M Kassebaum
The origins of the domesticate brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) and its pathways to domestication
Ardern Hulme-Beaman, David Orton, Thomas Cucchi